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11? Alfonzo A Unique and special creation Alfonzo forms part of our Heritage Bear Series. I managed to get my hands on the most beautiful piece of antique mohair. This bears style and design immediately came to mind the moment I handled this special find. He has being created with the Russian princess Xenia and her famous Alfonzo bear in mind The mohair was a challenge to work with as it is a very old piece showing a lot of signs of wear in many places. These worn patches lend themselves to this recreated antique looking bear lovingly created here in our studio. On close examination you will find a worn piece here or there a little wood wool may be visible. Our Alfonzo bear is 5-way jointed, he has wool felt foot and hand pads, his nose has being embroidered and he sport genuine antique boot buttons for eyes. As with all old bears our Alfonzo has being fed full on wood wool, with shot added for weight. His outfit has being hand created in fine silk fabric and further aged to create the old well-worn look that lends itself to his design. Both his jacket and pants are removable. He wears a swing tag around his neck with his full birth details and has our ribbon label sewn into his back seam. It must be noted that Alfonzo is a collector?s item only and should not be used as a toy. A unique, and definitely one of a kind creation. He is available for immediate adoption from either our BearPile page http://wackywalkerbears.bearpile.com/ or on our Etsy Page https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/485084379/alfonzo
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