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Welcome to TBAAF...


First let us say welcome we hope you have decided to become a full member and join us!

Without our members valuable contribution this site would not  flourish.

I'm Lanie and my partner is Darren...

This site is a collaboration of minds and still a growing work in progress...


I'm a bear artist and designer and I help my partner Darren run Mohair Bear Making Supplies. Together we can total up 30+ years experience in the world of bears and we lots of what there is to know about bears and have experienced or been witness to all the ups and downs in the Teddy bear industry.


The idea for this site was born on the back of a group I opened on Ebay a fair few years ago now. The group was for Teddy Bear Collectors and Enthusiasts. I found the Ebay forum although very popular very limiting in every workable area.

So together with Darren we came up with the idea to create a website for Teddy bear collectors and artists and more recently were requested to include our doll artists friends. We thought 'why not' a lot of the artists out there make both and some collectors collect both. This is to be a place where everyone can can interact and make friends.

Because we both work within the craft industry each day we are also very aware how much advertising can cost, whether it be online or in magazines, fairs shops auctions etc.

This site provides everyone collectors and artists with valuable web space, you can showcase yourself very thoroughly and easily here.

How you choose to use this opportunity is up to you.

All we ask is abide by the few rules that do apply, and that you show the utmost respect for each and every member.

We are so very pleased the  site has grown very quickly in popularity and is is proving itself to be a really interesting and professional site for any enthusiast of the Teddy bear or Doll to belong too.


Site Membership


TBAAF has no enforced membership fees...


However we really do have some very special members, who help us run the site from voluntary sponsorship. Without their kindness this site would not be able to continue. For this we say thank you on behalf of every site member. If you are a member and would like to support this website, please click on the sponsorship tab above...


 TBAAF  features all our SITE SPONSORS in the side bars and other prominent featured places around the website... 


Membership is currently Free and available to all Teddy bear and Doll collectors.

Membership is currently Free and available to all Teddy Bear and Doll Artists who design and sell their own range of bears.

Membership is currently Free and available to all Teddy bear and Doll enthusiasts.





We understand everyone is busy but we ask you to follow site rules when joining and completely fill in your profiles adding profile pictures etc...

You don't have to write epics but something is more interesting than nothing... If you are an artist tell us about you and your bears, if you collect or just love bears tell us about it... If something doesn't apply to you on any of the forms on site then simply write N/A ... Your fellow site members value your input...

Any member found breaking TBAAF site rules will have their account deleted. This is not done out of spite but simply because we have put a lot of work into providing this site for everyone to enjoy, and we want it to remain interesting and pleasant  for everyone to browse and look at... We strongly feel looking at blank profiles is not interesting and even quite disturbing. If you don't agree with this simple request please don't join.... Remember if you need help to do this please ask...



Getting Listed in the TBAAF

Professionals Directory


If you are an artist, bear maker, doll maker, or collector and have a website available for public viewing,  and you have completely filled in your profile and would now like to be considered for a listing in the TBAAF directory...

Please fill in the listing request form found under the TBAAF Directory tab on the main page.


 Enjoy being a member here...

Kind regards Lanie and Darren




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  • "Lanie, I joined TBAAF one week ago, and my little bears and I fell in love with your website. All is perfect here, for our artist bears.. No other site does what you bring to..."
    The best site for our bears!!
  • "I was personally invited to join this site by Lanie from my Etsy.com or Artfire.com shops and was impressed the minute I found the website. I like connecting and re-connecting ..."
    Far From Perfect Bears Speak Out!
  • "What a great site - great place to meet new and old friends. Well thought out and designed and great fun - a real credit to the bear world!"
    Credit to the bear world!

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